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Flawless as usual.

GTFO Plaine, also as usual. How can you insult your amazing husband?..

I found some typos loooool but thank you! ~

Blaine better have a good reason for being so damn mean! *shakes fist*

I love everything about this story except for one thing. it has an end. it shouldn't be allowed to have an end. It should go on forever.

D'awwwwww! I know! i wanna lock them up together and let them make love forever! XD

This is so good ^_^
can't wait for more ^_^

Ohhhhhhh stop it youuuu ~ blushes*

Uhm i attribute it to the fact that it is mpreg and i think its not exciting yet... But I didn't stop writing because I'm enjoying writing it very much! Anyway, thank you, you are super awesome!

Wow, just found this fic. It is amazing! I hope to see more soon!

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